Museum And Nonprofit Law Attorneys

When it comes to helping museums and nonprofits realize their long-term visions, Odom Sparks & Jones, PLLC, stands as one of Oklahoma's pre-eminent law firms. We possess the resources needed by clients striving to preserve and promote Oklahoma's rich cultural history.

Helping Clients Preserve And Promote Oklahoma's Cultural History

Our firm helped establish the largest Native American cultural museum in the state of Oklahoma. We deliver this comprehensive legal representation on behalf of a number of museums and nonprofits in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Safeguarding collections
  • NAGPRA and repatriation strategies
  • Legislation and public policy
  • Best practices for museums and nonprofits
  • Legal responsibilities of nonprofit and museum boards
  • Strategies for gift agreements and partnerships

As a true multi lawyer firm, we offer you more than a century's worth of legal experience. Our legal judgment provides value to Oklahoma museum and nonprofit clients particularly in areas involving unclear or unsettled legal principles.

Our lawyers' experience enables us to offer creative solutions in even the most difficult legal matters faced by today's museums and nonprofits. We offer you access to the network of relationships our firm maintains across the state in various professions and with various members of Oklahoma's business community.

We consider this practice area a unique contribution to our state and its many cultures. We understand our state's diverse cultural history and commit our firm's resources to preserving and promoting that history and cultural experience for future Oklahomans and the world. We believe in the mission of our Oklahoma Museum's Association and the vision of supporting the efforts of Oklahoma museums to educate, inform and entertain.

Experienced Museum And Nonprofit Attorneys

We invite museums and nonprofits from throughout Oklahoma to speak with our firm regarding their legal needs. We accept appointments online and over the phone at (405) 701-1863. All initial appointments remain confidential.