Administrative Law Attorneys

As administrative law matters become increasingly adversarial, more and more people across Oklahoma are looking to our firm, Odom & Sparks, PLLC. We protect the rights of our clients in areas formerly thought to be uncontroversial, including:

  • Licensure boards, including medical, veterinary, real estate and other professions
  • Oversight boards
  • Zoning boards
  • Planning commissions

Let Us Protect Your Livelihood In Administrative Hearings And Proceedings

In the past, many people reasonably believed they could represent their own interests in administrative law matters. This is simply no longer the case. You cannot afford to treat your administrative case as anything other than a lawsuit.

For that reason, our attorneys have committed an entire practice area to our clients' needs in administrative matters. When you are facing the loss of your rights in property or even in your chosen profession, you want someone with you who understands the dynamics of how administrative law matters currently work. We can do that for you.

Our firm has represented clients in administrative matters for more than three decades. This experience means we understand the law, not only as it currently is, but as it continues to change, both in substance and in practice.

As a result of our experience, we hold the legal judgment our clients need to address the changing laws and practices in administrative law proceedings. We can do the same for you.

Learn More About Odom & Sparks, PLLC

Consult with us today about your own administrative law needs. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our office at (405) 701-1863. You can also reach our lawyers online. We keep all consultations in strict confidence.