Workers' Compensation Law Attorneys

For aggressive corporate representation in contested workers' compensation matters, clients across Oklahoma retain the firm of Odom Sparks & Jones, PLLC. We bring years of legal experience to workers' compensation matters. We provide some of Oklahoma's most important employers and other entities with professional management of their workers' compensation legal portfolios. These entities include, among others:

  • Private corporations
  • Self-insured entities
  • Companies with commercial insurance
  • Employer pools

Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorneys Protecting Employers' Rights

As a multi lawyer firm, we deliver the resources you need in workers' compensation matters. Our years of experience in representing employers' interests in workers' compensation matters mean we already know the system and how it works throughout Oklahoma.

This knowledge enables us to provide you with representation that is as effective as it is economically efficient. Because we already know the law, we focus your resources on developing successful overall strategies designed to maximize profit and minimize loss. This focus includes helping you understand how your various cases will be viewed in the workers' compensation system and the strategies we can draw on in handling those cases.

The attorneys of Odom Sparks & Jones, PLLC, are no strangers to protecting the interests of employers. We regularly represent Oklahoma businesses in formational matters as well as in litigated matters. As a result, our lawyers hold the business-informed acumen today's employers need when seeking the effective management of their workers' compensation legal portfolio.

Experienced Representation In Workers' Compensation Cases

Schedule your business' initial consultation with our workers' compensation attorneys by calling us at (405) 701-1863 or by contacting us online. All consultations are kept in strict confidence.