Facilitation Of Intergovernmental Contracts

Business — every business — is about people. For that reason, the lawyers of Odom & Sparks, PLLC, have established themselves as some of Oklahoma's premier facilitators of relationships.

Our firm offers you a firsthand understanding of the diverse issues involved in developing businesses across Oklahoma in Indian Country.

Bringing Indian Country Together With Today's Growing Businesses

We regularly advise a number of commercial interests with respect to Indian Country business development. These interests come from a variety of positions, some already involved with Indian Country business interests and others looking to get started.

Indian Country and energy businesses alike look to our firm for the experienced guidance they need to build mutually beneficial relationships. Particularly when it comes to dealing with oil and gas opportunities, you will know you can depend on our firm's deep knowledge in this area.

We bring this same level of ability to all of our clients' projects connected to Indian Country business development, including:

  • Economic development projects
  • Local government buildings
  • Intergovernmental contract facilitation
  • Project exploration and preparation
  • Master planning and site considerations

Experienced Indian Country Business Development Counsel

We take great satisfaction in creating relationships and business opportunities for our clients involved with Indian Country business development. Find out how we can help you, too.

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